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Our company  - trade company, who is present different  yarns made in brand “Formula Ltd”. Our company have two offices: in Moscow (head office) and in the United Kingdom (branch office).

All products, which made for brand “Formula Ltd” tasting before packing. The quality our products - the result of many light industry professionals working in different directions.

Our company can supply virtually anywhere in the world.
Today, we supply the following products:

- Blended yarn (65% cotton/35% polyester) dyed! Nm 20/1, Nm 30/1, Nm 34/1, Nm 40/1. It is possible to supply yarn from Ne 4 to Ne 30/1.
- Blended yarn (70% cotton/30% polyester) for work gloves. From Ne 4/1 to Ne 20/1.
- 100% polyester yarn (ring spun) color. From Ne 12/1 to Ne 30/1
- Yarn with different content of viscose with polyester.

- PP yarn different colors

- Yarn with different content of viscose with cotton.
- Smooth polyester filament FDY from 50Den to 600 Den. AA-grade.
- Textured polyester yarn DTY from 50Den to 600 Den. AA-grade.
- As well as sewing thread FDY 120Den/150Den/300Den.

As for the pricing policy of our organization, we are making every effort that would have gladdened our prices our customers, but not at the expense of quality.



Адрес: Москва, ул. 3-й проезд Перова Поля, д. 4 - офис продаж и склад
Тел.:+7(495)662-70-40; +7(495)725-40-08; +7(968)405-47-80
E-mail: info@formulaltd.ru
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